As a world leader in manufacturing electrofused oxides for the abrasive and refractory industries, the Curimbaba Group brings decades of experience and intensive research in ceramics to develop advanced proppant technology. Engineers continuously improve the quality of existing products while developing solutions for the dynamic requirements of the oilfield industry. Proppants are the primary product the company manufactures and distributes globally based on evolving technology in several industrial and manufacturing sectors.

The expertise in ceramics engineering and development has impacted the petroleum industry with continuous improvements and solutions to address a wide range of well conditions. SinterBlast Bauxite developed to address perforation and fracture face tortuosity and the SinterLock Bauxite family of proppants developed to eliminate post hydraulic fracturing proppant flowback conditions are unique patented products developed to fulfill specific needs of operators and pumping services companies. Curimbaba Group’s innovative R&D Department works on projects and processes to improve and enhance the efficiency and results of hydraulic fracturing and other oilfield processes. This technology is shared with the industry by supporting and publishing details that help advance the industry in professional journals and at industry conferences.

Sintex’s sales team has more that 150 years combined practical hydraulic fracturing, engineering and consulting experience in the hydraulic fracturing industry. Each professional is dedicated to delivering personalized quality advice and products to assure the selected proppant meets the application requirements based on well parameters. This experience combined with the well solutions groups from operators and service companies provides invaluable feedback to the R&D Department on changing market conditions and technology advances developed in stimulation jobs to achieve higher production.

The Curimbaba Group supports and directs scientific advancements in Brazil and globally through grants and independent research. This has kept research project priorities at the highest possible level by accessing state-of-the-art equipment and providing our technical personnel collaboration with renowned specialists in several different scientific fields.