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Proppants manufactured and distributed by the Curimbaba Group of companies meet or exceed the ISO 13503-2 standard which details industry requirements for hydraulic fracturing operations. Whether your application ranges from low density proppant for low stress conditions to ultra-high strength proppant to withstand extreme well conditions, there is always a Curimbaba Group proppant suitable to your specific well conditions. With proper prejob engineering and effectively matching proppant characteristics to well conditions by placing proppant for abrading perforations and formation fracture faces to reduce tortuosity, increasing proppant pack conductivity with high density propped fractures, or preventing proppant flowback after treatment by utilizing patented “Lock” technology, you are assured the confidence of increased well response and production improvement. Consistent quality, convenient distribution network, industry leading customer service and the guarantee of long term availability make Curimbaba proppants the definitive choice for all your hydraulic fracturing needs.

Ultra High Strenght Proppants


High Strength Proppant

SinterBall Bauxite

Intermediate Strength Proppant

SinterLite Bauxite
SinterProp Bauxite

Light Weight Proppant

ExtraLite Bauxite
ExtraLite SW

High Strength Proppant for flowback prevention

SinterBall Lock

Intermediate Strength Proppant for flowback prevention

SinterLite Lock Bauxite

Tortuosity Control

SinterBlast Bauxite