North America

Sintex North America is the exclusive distributor of Curimbaba proppants for United States and Canada.
All Curimbaba proppant is imported in bulk bags containing 3,300 lbs. each shipped in overseas shipping containers. One side of the Sintex warehouse is constructed with dock-high bays to receive the shipping containers from the Port of Houston and Port of New Orleans, where it is then loaded on bulk hopper rail cars and transported to our distribution points in North Dakota and The Permian Basin.

The bulk bags of Curimbaba proppant are unloaded, segregated and stacked according to grain size. Customer loadouts occur on the other side of the warehouse. This process utilizes two stationary conveyor systems to load bulk trailers for shipment and one mobile conveyor which can be used for loading a shipment or unloading and re-bagging a return shipment. These conveyors provide the ability to load three trucks simultaneously for faster customer response.

By separating these functions Sintex can receive product from the Port of Houston and Port of New Orleans and load product for customer shipments at the same time, adding to the efficiency of the operation. The facility is operational 24/7 to satisfy the dynamics of the stimulation industry. The Sintex Distribution Center includes a fully automated drive-on truck scale which also adds efficiency. The Sintex North America stocking points are:

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