Curimbaba Group’s current President and co-founder is a resident of Poços de Caldas and for over sixty years has adamantly insisted that the beauty and living conditions of his town remain untouched by mining and industrialization. Under his leadership a commitment to the environment is a strict policy enforced by all subsidiaries wherever Curimbaba Group has operations. This is born from the passion of a man for his town which has spread to the entire international Curimbaba Group.

Most of the Curimbaba mines are located in and around Poços de Caldas, a touristic town in Southern Brazil which is very well known in Brazil for its beautiful mountains, thermal springs, lakes, rivers and picturesque attractions. Since starting the company in the 1960’s and after exploration and mining operations have ceased in target areas, topographic remediation has been practiced utilizing the original topsoil and contours. This land is then replenished with environmentally beneficial plants to restore it to its original beauty. Documenting the success of the environmental remediation process is essential to assuring the company’s commitment as a corporate citizen.