Sintex Minerals North America, Sintex Minerals International and Mineração Curimbaba are the oilfield proppant companies of The Curimbaba Group, which is headquartered in Poços de Caldas, Brazil.  Sintex Minerals North America was established in Houston, Texas in 1993 and Sintex Minerals International was established in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2002.

Mineração Curimbaba controls over 300 million metric tons of high grade bauxite ore proven reserves in Southern Brazil. 

Located on a 1,500-acre site near the corporate headquarters, Mineração Curimbaba’s processing and manufacturing operations provide multiple grades of bauxite proppant which is marketed and distributed world-wide by Sintex Minerals for use in the hydraulic fracture stimulation treatments of oil and gas wells.


Supply processed minerals, fertilizers and high quality services with an efficient use of deposits and vertical integration, ensuring a long-term supply, while consolidating the business, optimizing productivity and generating value for shareholders, customers, suppliers and associates in a sustainable manner.

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Become a Group globally recognized for the excellence of its products and services, self-sufficient in mineral deposits and able to create value in a consistent and sustainable manner.


• Enhance the entrepreneurial spirit while maximizing corporate agility and flexibility, always with basis on technical, ethical and transparent criteria;
• Respect the environment by using natural resources responsibly and sustainably;
• Show appreciation for its associates by promoting their professional development and putting in place an efficient management structure;
• Enhance and promote continued training and education on occupational safety and health as well as quality of life;
• Responsibility with commitment.